May 27, 2017


I have just released a new 10 piece print collection called CITY GIRLS and it is a fun, sketchy style, mixed media collection. This is for no other reason than that this is what I like to paint best. When I'm not standing by my easel painting seascapes in oils, you'll probably find me hunched over a pile of fashion mags, sketching the models, sketching the travel pages. I love to sit at my desk with numerous cups of tea throughout the day, with youtube videos playing in the background, I love to watch the interviews on the Vogue or Harpers Bazaar channels in the background. I have a little collection of watercolours, drawing inks and some sharpies and my sketchbooks are full of hundreds of this type of work, most of which I never even post.

There's something very therapeutic about diving into a sketchbook and just drawing something because you feel like it, for no-one else but you. It's fun to find a sketchbook years later and sit and go through your work, which is kind of a representation of you at that time.

The pieces in this collection are a mixture of paintings and sketches which were all drawn recently. If you follow me on social media you'll know I have a kind of obsession with big cities. I love being in the city and feeling like I'm part of something big, I love dressing up to go to work in the city, I love visiting other big cities around the world, seeing the shops, sitting at cafes (and instagramming my lunch, I'm sorry). It's something I spent a good part of my teens and twenties doing, well minus the instagramming of everything. Something I hope to do a hell of a lot more of as of next year. And of course, New York is number one on that list...and what better way of manifesting it into reality than painting my New York dreams and saving the money towards a plane ticket. And buying lotto tickets of course :)

I hope you like the pieces in the collection, the colours, the style because it's probably my truest, happiest form of my artwork.

The Print: They are a professional artist print, on thick stock linen paper, which has a beautiful finish.They are also available in A5, A4 and A3 which makes them easy to frame.

A5 - $20
A4 - $40
A3 - $50 All prices are in Australian Dollars and current conversions of prices in pounds or USD or any other currency can be found at

Each piece comes signed by myself.

Packaging and Shipping:
As with all my prints, they are packaged between stiff cardboard in a bubble wrap envelope, which means it is waterproof and also prevents any bending or creasing on the print.
The best part though is that I never charge extra for shipping. Worldwide postage is FREE.

All prints are LIVE and available for purchase at


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